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THE Heated Gutter Company is a sister company to Bauer Speciatly Insulation and LeafGuard of Lake Erie. Over the 20 years of helping homeowners protect their houses from clogged gutters with the LeafGuard Gutter System and providing insulation improvements to make their homes more comfortable, more energy efficient, and prevent ice dams and damage from ice build up we have encountered many customers who still requested a heat tape or heat cable option for their particular situation. In some cases heat cables might be the best option due to roof design not allowing for improving the insulation and air sealing of an attic. Or the cost to perform insulation and air sealing work may be beyond the present budget due to the renovations necessary to access such spaces as in cape cod style homes with finished upper floor rooms.

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Icicle Prevention

What Causes

Causes of the Problem

Snow melt is the main cause of icicles and ice dams. Why does snow melt? The sun is a contributor but not the main source of heat to melt the snow. Otherwise why are some houses plagued by large ice and others have little to none? Typically the main culprit is heat loss in attics that is able to warm roof decks above freezing and melt snow. The more snow piled on a roof the worse the snow melt typically is. Not having snow fall would eliminate ice build-up on roof eaves completely.  But since moving houses to warmer climates isn’t a real solution how do you correct this heat loss?


So what causes ice dams? 

There are a variety of factors that turn a little bit of snow melt into a much bigger problem called an ice dam. Things like ventilation, insulation, solar orientation, shading from trees or nearby structures, home design, snow load, lifestyle of the occupants and of course seasonal weather all determine icicle creation and ice dam severity. It can be confusing when neighboring houses have different amounts of ice and one has problems with leaks reaching inside the home while the other has virtually no ice. No two houses are the same because the people living inside impact ice formation as well. For icicles to turn into ice dams it usually takes an extended length of time with below freezing temperatures and there must be enough snow on the roof to melt and fill the gutter. By reducing the heat loss or snow load you can reduce the ice formation. Removing snow from the roof is an option but usually applies to a handful of houses. They are typically one story high and have access around them to be able to reach the roof with tools like a snow rake. It’s never a good idea to climb on a roof that is slippery and snow covered. Insulation and air sealing is another option to reduce ice build-up at eaves and gutters. If you stop or slow the flow of heat from getting to the roof deck covered with snow it will melt less and minimize icicle growth.
ice dam diagram
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How to Prevent

THE Heating Gutter Company is the Solution

Heat cables are an option for ice dams and icicle reduction as well. However, heat cables are less preventative of the ice formation and more reactive to the effects of water damming behind an ice dam. The intention of heat cables is to create a drainage path for the snow melt to drain off the roof and through the gutters and downspouts to a safe spot just as rain flows away. Our in home representatives can help with various options to help accomplish your goals of ice reduction and mitigation of the damage ice dams can cause.

Preventing the damage caused by ice build up is a key concern for most homeowners. THE Heated Gutter Company has a variety of solutions to help you protect your home. Our 20 plus years of knowledge with insulation and gutters has given us the experience to help you with your unique situation. Sometimes it might be to simply improve the ventilation and air seal an attic and add additional cellulose insulation.

In your home the best answer may be to eliminate ventilation and spray foam the roof deck directly from inside or if necessary to access from the exterior with a partial roof removal and reinstallation. Or perhaps the answer will be to install a heat cable system on all or a portion of your gutters and or roof. Whatever means are necessary to help you solve the problem we are here and experienced to assist.

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